The scientific laboratory was founded in 2009. Over 5 years of activity major research focused on the most important areas of gerontology: Republic of Moldova population senescence peculiarities depending on the country region and living environment; Republic of Moldova elderly health status and quality of life assessment; development and implementation of new methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular pathologies in elderly; studying the epidemiology, way of occurrence, clinical features and treatment of isolated systolic hypertension and chronic heart failure in the elderly; study of peculiarities of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly in conjunction with large geriatric syndromes; study of cardiovascular diseases in conjunction with polypathology frequently encountered in elderly and scientific and practical recommendation development to improve the quality of life and extend the average lifespan of Moldovan population.

Adress: Pușkin, 51


Telephone: (+373 22) 26–70–59